4 Legal Ways to Watch TV On the Go That Don’t Require Internet

by Crystal Carder
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Last year, my husband, myself, and my three children had to make daunting 6-hour roundtrips every other week. It was a miserable experience for myself and my kids, but we had to take the trips. I tried everything to keep my kids occupied in the car; I downloaded games, I brought coloring books, but none of those kept my kids happy long enough. It wasn’t long before I decided to try downloading their favorite movies and shows to their tablets.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to pay to download their favorite shows and movies from the App Store. I started to search everywhere for ways my kids could watch tv on the go without internet. That’s when I stumbled across these 4 simple and cheap ways to let my kids watch tv on the go without internet.

Cheap Ways to Watch TV On the Go Without Internet

No matter what the reason, if you are looking for a way to watch tv on the go, without the internet, this post is for you! This post will give you 4 legal ways to download movies and shows for on the go when you have no internet.

Legal ways to watch tv without internet


Ever since we tried to cut the cable, we have been big Netflix users in our household. We love all the shows Netflix has for us and the kids and love how we never have to fast forward the shows through commercial breaks.

A while ago, Netflix introduced a new feature that allows users to download select movies and shows and watch them later, with no internet. We love this downloadable feature because we can use it on all three of my children’s tablets and they can watch the movies and shows as many times as they want. 

Even though most Disney shows are excluded from this download feature, there still are so many shows and movies that kids can download. including; My Little Pony, Dinotrux, and Spirit.

Dish Hopper Go

I was all against paying for cable, but when my husband talked me into a Dish contract, I decided we might as well take advantage of everything they had to offer. That’s when our installation tech told us about the Dish Hopper Go that Dish was offering free with certain plans. We were able to get it and, it has been a lifesaver on the go.

The Dish Hopper works with your Dish television and requires no extra fees to use. Basically, you download shows from your DVR to your Hopper and then watch them on the go by connecting to the device’s built-in Wi-Fi. This device is pretty sweet and the battery last for quite a while. My kids can watch more shows on this without internet than through Netflix since we can download Nick and Disney recordings.

YouTube Red

I personally have not tried YouTube Red; mainly because it cost $9.99 a month, but I have read good things about it. With YouTube Red, you get access to add-free and commercial-free video. You can download certain YouTube videos and save them to watch later when you have no internet.  

YouTube Red currently has a one-month free trial, so it could be worth the try.

Amazon Free Time Unlimited

Although I currently have a subscription to Amazon Free Time Unlimited, I haven’t really used it. Mainly because it is only available on Google Play and Amazon devices, but also because, it is not really something my kids need.

This subscription-based service allows you to monitor everything your child does, along with allowing you to download movies and shows for offline viewing.  

watch tv on the go without internet 4 legal ways

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