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4 Gifts I Am Not Buying For ANYONE This Christmas

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It’s Christmas time again. I haven been buying things left and right. From going store to store shopping, to Black Friday shopping, I have found a list of things I will not be buying for Christmas gifts this year.

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Are these items gifts that no one wants? Maybe not, but I think so. It’s 2018, as I say it. I know I don’t want any of these gifts popping up under my tree.

What Kind of Gifts Shouldn’t I Buy?

Buying gifts for family and friends can be fun. But, so should receiving them. If you buy these items on this list, chances are most people won’t be happy.


In a world that is all about the “cloud” and digital, physical DVDs are something no one wants. They are pointless. We can watch any movie on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime just days after its released on DVD, so why would anyone want a physical copy of a DVD?

Instead of purchasing DVD’s for Christmas, gift someone the gift of Netflix, Hulu or Prime for a month where they can access 1000’s of movies and shows.


I think the idea of CD’s went out the door the day the iPod was released. No one is actually buying cds these days. In fact, I threw all my cds out years ago.

Instead of buying someone a dreaded CD, opt for digital gift cards to iTunes.

Cheap Trinkets and Fillers

To fill up a stocking stuffer, don’t run to those cheap toys and trinkets. Instead, buy things that kids actually use and are still cheap. Like; chapstick, body wash, shampoo, etc… The last thing any parent needs popping up under their tree is more junk that just gets thrown away.

Chances are if it’s only a dollar, it’s not going to last anyway. Take that dollar and buy something useful that kids need. I’ll be appreciative and the kids will use it far more than any cheap junk.

More Gifts that No One Needs

This year, if the kids don’t need it, I’m not buying it. I’m so sick of finding extra space to store things and you’re really wasting your money by buying it. My kids don’t need more than one winter coat, 2-3 pairs of shoes (flip-flops, boots, and tennis shoes), and they definitely don’t need another of the same doll with a different outfit.

Instead of wasting more money on excess gifts, gift the kids an experience that gives a memory that lasts forever.

Whether or not you buy these gifts for anyone on your list is up to you, but I honestly wouldn’t.

Do you have any gift ideas you’re not purchasing for anyone?

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