3 Ways Your Child Can Rock the Valentine’s School Party

by Crystal Carder
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Y’all I cannot believe that today is the first day of February. I mean seriously, where did January go? Anyways, February to me, basically means one thing, Valentine’s Day. February is like this whole big season of love and when you have kids it’s a whole lot of work.

That’s why I am already getting my kids ready for their Valentine’s school party now. If you’re wanting to learn ways your child can rock the Valentine’s Day school party, keep reading, I got you covered!

How to Rock the Valentine’s Day School Party

Skip Sending Simple Valentine’s Day Cards

When it comes to the Valentine’s Day Cards my kids receive, it’s simple, they toss out the cards and opt for the cards with candy and/or gadgets. Kids use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get candy and little trinkets that they really don’t need, but they love them. By buying your child Valentine’s Day cards with treats or trinkets, your child will instantly become everyone’s favorite Valentine.

P.S. I’ve literally seen Valentine’s Day cards with gummy bears and other candies for $2.97 a box of 25, so it’s really not much more expensive than regular cards.

Add Personalization to Each Card

I start my kid’s Valentine’s Day cards early because I know it will take me days to have them fill them all out. Sending 25 or more Valentine’s Day cards is a lot, after all. To make the cards more personalized, I have each of the kids sign their names on each Valentine’s card and if they are able, I have them write the whole card. This way the cards become more personal and look better than a card that I feel out.

Rock an Awesome Valentine’s Day Box

Finally, the best way to help your child rock their Valentine’s Day exchange at school is by creating them a super awesome box. Since boxes are the “big thing” of Valentines’ Day exchanges, I suggest you and your child spending time together to make an epic, handmade box, as opposed to buying an already made Valentine’s Day box.

Even though I have absolutely ZERO craftiness, in the past, my husband and I have created Valentines boxes for the kids that have been space-themed and Monster-truck themed. These boxes took minimal work (and money) but were so unique that the other kids loved them.

While every Valentine’s Day exchange party is different, these 3 things should seriously help your child rock it, like a pro! For more Valentine’s Day tips and tricks click HERE.

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