3 Reasons To Ditch Those Games From Your Phone

by Crystal Carder
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It seems like everywhere we are surrounded by technology. We go to the market and now we’re encouraged to scan and pay with our phones. We go to school and our kids are encouraged to have their own tablets at home. No matter where we go, these days, technology is taking over. 

While I’m not saying technology is a bad thing, we are becoming way too addicted to it, which isn’t good. More recently, I have found myself addicted to silly little games on my phone. Games that I pretend to be a chef, or farmer, or even something more silly like destroying blocks. I have since deleted those silly games because I realized that just having them downloaded, I was reaching for my phone, more often without even realizing it.

If you are a gamer and find yourself playing games on your phone more than 30-minutes a day, here are three reasons you should ditch those games and come back to reality.

Your Missing Out on Valuable Time and Memories

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I cannot tell you how many times I probably ignored my kids while playing games or given them a short yes or no to questions that should have been explained more in-depth. Kids are only little once, grandparents only stay around for so long and memories can only be made great by being there. In 20-years I don’t want to look back and remember all the time I ignored my kids playing games on my phone, but instead remember all the times we ran around outside and played real games. Being addicted to your games could lead to a lot of regret later in life.

Successful People Don’t Play Games

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I once heard a story about someone asking a millionaire their secret to success. The millionaire’s reply was, I don’t make my bed in the morning. Wow. Imagine what you could do if you stopped playing silly games on your phone and focused your energy into something more successful.

While I’m not saying you could become the next Bill Gates, but you could seriously become someone more successful. In the time you waste playing your games, you could; start a blog, have a yard sale, or make find other simple ways to make money.

You’re Wasting Your Life Away

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If there is one thing that someone who is dying will never say, it’s that, I wish I spend more time playing that really addictive game. Wasting your life away by doing things that don’t matter is like throwing your life down the drain. It’s pointless and it’s not something you would ever intentionally do, but it still happens.

There are so many things you can do with your life instead of pretending to play football on your phone. Ditch the phone games and take the time to do something new like; going to hike that mountain, starting a bible study and learning more about God, or taking the kids to that new ice cream shop everyone’s raving about. Chances are once you stop playing those games and delete them from your phone, you’ll never look back.

Don’t let your life become defined by that game, stop the addiction and go live your life! 

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