3-Ingredient Halos Toast Brought to You By Halos

by Crystal Carder
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I received a free promotional item, but was not required to make this post.

Today started out as a bad day. I couldn’t sleep last night, and when I woke up, it was way too early. I was supposed to fast for blood work, but like a coffee-addicted fool, I forgot. Then, I looked out the window, and we got snow. Then, I had to take my boys to the dermatologist and force my oldest son to sit still while they poked him with needles and lasered some warts off of him.

I was honestly beginning to wonder how much more I could take, and it was only 11 o’clock. That’s when the FedEx man showed up. What he had, made my day a little better. He had my HalosFun Box for March.

If you’ve been following my blog, you would know I’ve gotten an awesome goodie-filled box in December, January, February, and, now, March.
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HalosFun Halos March Social Team Box

Inside each Halos box, I usually receive some coupons for Halos fruit, a cool Halos container, some craft ideas that I share with you all, and something unique.

This month, my Halos goodies seem to follow the Easter theme. Rather than, share an adorable Halos Easter Bunny, I decided to do something different. I decided to share a yummy treat with you all. Halos 3-Ingredient Toast is so delicious and simple, I think you’ll love it as much as I did.

HalosFun Halos March Social Team Pack, Halos Toast

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Halos 3-Ingredient Toast


Chocolate Spread 

Halos Mandarins x 2

Whole Wheat Bread 


1. Toast whole wheat bread to desired darkness.  

2. Spread chocolate spread, evenly on one side.

3. Peel apart the 2 Halos Mandarins, add to bread.

4. Eat and enjoy

Don’t let the sound of chocolate on bread fool you, this toast is delicious!

If you love Halos as much as I do, I know you will love the coupons they are offering as much as I do. Get Your Own Halos Coupons Now by going to the Halos Website: http://www.halosfun.com/savings.html 

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*Disclosure: I received a free promotional box to from Halos! All my thoughts and opinions are my own.


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