2 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Google Play

2 Things You

I’ve been hooked on my Samsung phone for years, but until recently, I no idea how awesome Google’s Play store was – and I bet you didn’t neither!

  • As a blogger, I download a lot of apps on my phone to help me blog so I can be with my family more, but with so many apps for blogging, I often never know what apps to download – that’s where Google Play comes in. Did you know with Google Play when you purchase an app, you get 2 full hours to try an app out before you have to keep it?*
  • Like I said, I download a lot of apps, but, unfortunately, some of the best apps cost money. With Google Play Store you can actually download an app called Google Opinion Rewards and earn FREE money for Google Play Store just by answering simple questions.

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*As always, please check with Google’s return policy, as it is subject to change.

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