14 Things Every Married Man Should Do for Their Wives on Valentine’s Day

by Crystal Carder
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Valentine’s Day is a romantic time of the year for couples. They spend all week planning a special night out and they buy each other sweet, romantic gifts. But, if you’re a married man, chances are you’ve taken the importance out of the one holiday that still means so much to her. I get it. Michael and I have been married for ten years. Every year our Valentines Day together gets less and less important. We get busier, the kids need us more and we pass off Valentine’s Day as a silly, unimportant holiday.

But the truth is, whether you’ve been married ten or 30 years, you should still make Valentine’s Day special for both of you. If you’re a married man, here are 14 things you should do for your wife on Valentine’s Day.

14 Things Married Men Should do for Their Wives on Valentine’s Day

1. Make Her Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is one of the sweetest gestures a married man can do for his wife, especially if they have kids together. Whenever you make your wife breakfast in bed include all her favorite breakfast foods and don’t forget to add a super large cup of hot coffee on the side.

2. Let Her Sleep In

Of course, if you’re making her breakfast in bed, you want to be sure to allow adequate time to let her sleep in. Letting her sleep in will finally give her some of the sleep she’s been missing and let her feel a little less like a walking zombie.

3. Clean the Dishes

In my house dishes and laundry are the two things that never ends. Fortunately, I would never want my husband taking care of the laundry, so on Valentine’s Day help her cross one thing of her list by cleaning the dishes.

4. Get the Kids Ready

Getting kids ready means much more than saying, wake up kids. Getting kids ready is an exhausting task that she does every day and would love a break with. Getting kids ready includes helping to dress, feed, and all other task associated with getting kids ready for school.

5. Send Her a Silly Text that Says, ” I Love You”

Remember when you were dating and you couldn’t wait to send her a text that said, I love you? Just because you’re married doesn’t mean those texts have to stop. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to say, I love you, and what better way to do it than with a silly text message. A text message is super simple to send and allows you two to act like you’re dating again with simple flirting.

6. Make Dinner

Supper is probably the most stressful meal for her, so offering to make it, will really win some extra bonus points with her. Instead of opting to bring take-out home, surprise her with a delicious, romantic home cooked meal. If you have kids, keep it romantic with a special dessert that you bring out once the kids go to bed.

7. Buy Bubble Bath and Run Her a Hot Relaxing Bath

When you’re taking care of a whole household, every day, the last thing you have time for is a nice, hot, relaxing bath. Buy her a big bottle of bubble bath, run her water, and insist she spends the next few hours in the bath, alone – with no interruptions.

8. Bring Her, Her Favorite Midday Coffee

Since she probably already runs on coffee to get through her day, bring her a cup of her favorite midday coffee. A cup of coffee is a small gesture that shows you are thinking of her and it will be greatly appreciated.

9. Check Off that Honey-do List

I know she’s probably been nagging you over that unfinished honey-do list, so do yourself and her a favor by finally checking it off. Do those little tasks that she can’t do on her own and help her out. Chances are your wife will be grateful and you will be fulfilling your duties as a married man by helping out.

10. Clean Out Her Car

If you’re a married man with kids, her car most likely needs some much-needed love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to pull the car into the garage and clean it out for her. After all, all the sacrifices she makes for her family, she deserves one, nice clean thing.

11. Tell Her How Much You Love Her

It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life, that we forget to tell our spouses we love them. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show that love and remind her how much you still love her. Chances are, she needs to hear those three words more than you say them.

12. Let Her Pick the Movie on TV

For once, let her pick the movie on TV, even if it’s a chick-flick. Don’t complain, just let your wife have one movie. Just one. She deserves it.

13. Watch the Kids While She Calls Her Mom

The one person your wife probably never calls enough is her mom. So, take the kids and play with them while you give your wife enough time to call her mom without her having to worry about any distractions.

14. Buy Her Something She Needs But Won’t Buy for Herself

If you haven’t noticed it, your wife is probably the only one in the house who don’t buy nice things for herself but doesn’t bat an eye at spending $50 on a nice hoodie for the kids. On Valentine’s Day, if you want to buy her something she’ll love, skip the flowers and buy her something she’s been wanting but refuses to buy for herself. A gift like this shows her that her husband still cares about her and took the time to come up with a thoughtful gift for her.

This Valentine’s Day you could buy your wife a box of chocolates and roses, but as a married man, you should get her something from this list. (Extra points for doing all of them!)

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