10 Things You Should Before Leaving for Vacation

by Crystal Carder
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I’ve been there, you’re so excited to go on vacation that you pack your bags, load your car and plan everything for the trip that you totally forget to take care of your house before you go.


Here are 10 things that should be done at your house before leaving for vacation.

Empty Trash Cans

No one wants to come home to a stinky house after vacation so emptying the trash can keep your house smelling fresh and clean, it also prevents bugs like maggots from getting in.

Flush the Toliet

For reasons beyond common sense, flush all of the toilets before you leave. Not only will your toilet get a nasty odor if you don’t,  but you may come back to flies and a really dirty toilet.

Do the Dishes

Even if its just a few dishes,  always do the dishes before leaving for vacation because no one wants to come home from vacation and immediately be put to work.

Finish Laundry

Make sure you finish ALL laundry before leaving to ensure you don’t accidentally leave any clothes in the wash while you are gone. Plus you may actually need some of those clothes on vacation.

Unplug Electronics

Just because you’re on vacation does not mean the world stops, thunderstorms can happen and no one wants to come home to all of their electronics fried.

Set Off Foggers 

This is one is completely optional, but my family always try to set off foggers right as we leave for vacation. Doing this will kill any bugs and keep them gone for months at a time and since they require hours of being gone, a vacation is a perfect time to set them off. (I personally recommend these ones).

Dispose of Foods Properly

Remember that leftover dinner you put in the fridge the other night, yeah, that’s not going to be good when you come back home from vacation. Dispose of all old foods and leftovers before vacation so your fridge stays smelling clean and you may even possibly save your dishes.

Sweep the Floor

Vacuum and/or do a quick run over your floors. Try to clean up food crumbs and dirt so bugs aren’t tempted to come in while you’re gone.

Clean Off Counters 

Put away any excess junk off the counters and put dishes away to keep bugs from crawling around your counters while you’re gone. Also, wipe down counters really well so ants don’t find food or stickiness.

Lock Up

No one wants their valuables stolen while they’re away so locking windows and doors ensures that a burglar can’t just come inside without breaking a window or door. This will make it easier for someone to tell if your house gets robbed while you’re on vacation, plus it could possibly save your life in the event someone is still in your house when you return home.

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